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(( FINALLY FINISHED THIS. I'm sorry if it's too long!!
I'm also sorry if there isn't enough AU information, I wanted to combine actual info with AU info, but I feel that I added too much real info. I can change it if you'd like. Anyways, this is my first entry, I hope you like it :D ))

Full Name: Aisling Ní Murchú [Gaelicised] (Aisling Murphy[Anglicized]) [Nickname- Ash]
Country: Republic of Ireland [Nicknames- Erin/Emerald(Isle)]
Gender: Female
Age: The actual country age is about 3,200[based on my research] her human age is 29-31. For the AU however, hmm.. I'll say somewhere around 17-19.

Personality: Ireland hates being bossed around and has a strong rebellious/defiant nature. She is pretty laid back and calm though, but she has a dangerously short temper and isn't afraid to start an argument about something. She hates to labeled as a ''drunk'' or being called ''soulless'' and dislikes negative stereotypes about her and her people, she usually will just ignore them though and act as if they don't bother her. Though she may seem all tough, she is actually quite soft as well. She is very caring and protective towards those she cares about, and is very loyal to her family. She is very close with her friends and family and likes getting together every now and again. Ireland also is shown to be quite competitive and doesn't give up easy and hates losing. She seems to be rather talkative and enjoys telling stories and jokes, though she may exaggerate her stories, they are quite imaginative and creative. She has a good sense of humour and loves making others laugh. She doesn't exactly like to talk about her past as a British colony, but she usually just tries not to think about it. A major flaw she has is her terrible organization skills, she has a hard time organizing messes and arranging dates/times/etc. She is very welcoming towards tourists and makes sure they enjoy their stay, she also finds it interesting what people think about her, she's also rather curious to know why people think her land is nothing but potatoes, alcohol, leprechauns, and green. She can be very stubborn and two-faced when she's provoked. She has a very strong sense of pride. She is also shown to be a bookworm, well educated, and enjoys art and music. She is also however, very superstitious.

-Strengths: She's rather athletic, and very persevering.[It's kinda a pride thing, since she's extremely prideful.] She excells in terms of litterature[mainly poetry, as shown through history.] She's an overall rather friendly and outgoing person[based on how Ireland maintains pretty good relations with many countries.]

-Weakness: Her temper is dangerously short, and she's not afraid to prove it.[This being both a very common sterotype and trait among Irish Including myself :b] She is also very stubborn and rebellious. She can also be kinda lazy sometimes and when asked to do something may reply with, "Yeah! I'll do it now, in a minute." Sometimes people may find her as 'too outgoing' [This is because in Ireland strangers will usually greet each other with "How are you?" rather then "Hello."] And lastly, one of her biggest weakness is her extreme lack of organization.[This is because a major setback in the Irish rebellions was lack of organization. Had the Irish been more organized, Ireland would have most likely gained independence sooner.]

-Likes: Ireland seems to take a liking to participating in debates and telling jokes and stories[she especially LOVES and I mean LOVES poetry.] She is shown to very much enjoy cooking, she also likes drinking every now and then. She really likes to dance and likes to teach others simple dance steps. Music is something she also very much enjoys, She'll usually make an instrument out of whatever she can find. She likes to write as well and create artwork. Sports also seem to be pretty important to her also, her favourite types of games/sports are pretty much anything to do with running or anything similar to a game the giants call soccer. Ireland shows to very much enjoy celebrations too, [mainly St, Patrick's Day and Halloween.] She likes to read/tell/listen to folklore and likes to play folk songs. Religion is also very important to her as well.

-Dislikes: She absolutely HATES to be called British and is very offended by that. She also hates it when people think she's nothing but some mad soulless leprechaun drunk. She hates to be pushed around and made to feel inferior to others. It also annoys her greatly when people purposely try to irritate her. She also can't stand losing. Another thing that she hates, but also scares her is people taking her personal information.

-Talents: She really enjoys dancing[traditional Irish stepdancing] and is pretty good at it. She's also shown to exceed at litterature, and tells stories/poems/songs/ect. by voice rather than reading.[This is how the Celts would pass stories and stuff through the years. They'd memorize the words and tell them to others to tell instead of writting them down. As for poetry, the Celts would have schooling for it for up to 12 years at least.] She enjoys music as well, and plays the harp,violin, and flute[These are 3 popular instruments in traditional music.] she may sometimes sing as well however. She is also very athletic and loves to play many different sports.

o Short temper
o Rebellious/defiant
o Can be somewhat rude without noticing it.
o A little 'too open/social' with people

Subject: Gym and Theatre

[[ As of 2008 Ireland maintains diplomatic relations with 173 states, including the republic of Kosovo, the Holy See, and the European Union. However Ireland has not yet established diplomatic relations with: Grenada, Guatemala, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Suriname, Benin, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Comoros, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia, South Sudan, Swaziland, Togo, Bhutan, Marshall Islands, Niue, Tonga, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, states with limited recognition(except Kosovo.) ]]

England: The two share a strong rivalry with one another and can sometimes be polite with eachother, then one minute later be at eachother's throats. Ireland does enjoy teasing him and annoying him[sometimes by calling him 'little brother', along with the rest of her brothers.], but all in all, she does secretly care a great deal for him, since he is her brother after all.[This is because the Irish are VERY close with their families.]

Scotland: Ireland and Scotland are pretty close with eacher other, and share very good relations. They both share many of the same interests[mainly since Scottish culture is influenced a lot by Irish culture.] They can sometimes have arguements over stuff like who has better whiskey and stuff..Sometimes when they play football, they may start chanting, "If you hate England, stand up!" [This is a chant that is usually sung at football matches involving either Ireland or Scotland. and in fact, once at an Ireland vs. Scotland match, Scotland's chant was, "We hate England more that you!".] This picture can also pretty much describe their relationship xD ==>…

Northern Ireland: The two have a very rocky relationship. When Northern Ireland was born, Ireland absolutly destested him and claimed, "He should have never been born." They never really got along at all at first and Ireland would refuse to even acknoledge him as her brother, which just made their feelings towards each other turn even more sour. Recently though, they have been improving their relations.

Wales: They seem to get along rather well, they may not interact much, but they still do try to keep in touch with one another. One way that they bond is, like with Scotland, their mutual loathing of England.

Isle of Man: The two have known each other for a very long time[Based on the long history of relations and strong cultural exchange between them.] Ireland claims that it was her that made Isle of Man choose to be Christian[It's believed that Christianity was brought to Isle of Man by Irish Celts around 500AD, prehaps by St. Patrick himself!] The two usually share/trade a lot of stuff, but sometimes England interfers and trades/shares with Isle of Man so he can be a 'better sibling'. They both share a love for music, and each other's language and culture.[Manx and Irish are very similar, and in 1947 Eamon de Valera who was the current Taoiseach of Ireland spearheaded efforts to save the dying Manx language.] Ireland also claims that Isle of man was born in Ireland.[Based on how 1.9% precent of Isle of Man's population was born in Ireland.]

Jersey: They don't really get a chance to talk much, but Ireland tries her best to make time for them.

Guernsey: Ireland's relationship with Guernsey is similar to that of her relationship with Jersey, however she's able to spend a bit more time with Guernsey.

Faroe Islands: Ireland's 'sister' in a way[Due to how the Faroe Islands were discovered by Irish&Scottish monks.] In their childhood they would stick together a alot, but when the vikings came Ireland drifted away from Faroe. They still are rather close however to this day.

Iceland: After Ireland left Faroe she found Iceland, she didn't really spend much time with him, and pretty much left right after finding him. They HATE when people mix up their names, since it's only one letter off.

France: The two have been close friends since childhood, Ireland didn't exactly like him at first and saw him as 'that one annoying friend' but when she relized that he was pretty much one of her only friends, he just kinda grew on her. They find it amusing to annoy England and like to cause trouble for him, though sometimes their 'plans to annoy England' fail.[Based on the failed 1798 Uprising.] After their years of friendship, Ireland began to feel kinda 'odd' around him, since her brothers would refer to them as a couple, she began to develop a crush on him. Though she won't admit it, it can sometimes be seen pretty clearly that she likes him.

Spain: The two have known each other for a pretty long time and are pretty good friends. Though Ireland dosen't really hang out with him as much anymore, she still considers him as a good friend, ever since he disapeared though despite her worries, she's tried to put him from her mind.

America: The two both see each other as very close friends, however when Ireland first met him, she detested him[this being a reference as to how in the 1800's, when Irish arrived in America they were treated very poorly.] Though she may still have her suspicions about him, she tries to put the past behind her and enjoy their friendship.

Canada: Same with America, Ireland sees him as a very close friend. They are pretty friendly with one another, and Ireland happens to be one of the few that can see Canada,[this being a reference to how the Maritime provinces have a lot of Irish and Scottish influence.] however sometimes, Ireland may mistake him for America.

Russia: Ireland seems to take a liking towards Russia, and is very thankful towards him[This is because the USSR was the first country to recognise the Irish independece.] They are pretty good friends, however Ireland is rather suspicious about him, and dosen't lend him ANYTHING of her's.[This is a reference to how in 2010, Russian spies stole the identities of six Irish citizens to use as covers while working in the US.]

India: The two consider each other as best friends, and are very close. Ireland always loves having him visit, and sometimes may beg him to come visit.[This is because Ireland has been looking to India to fill job positions, and Ireland also offers students in India scholarships in Ireland.] Overall the two are very close, and in a way they can really relate to one another[This is because Ireland and India both used to be possesions of the British Empire, and they both had similar difficulties gaining their independence.]

Sicily: Believe it or not, the two are actually rather close. They have a lot in common too, [the islands of Ireland and Sicily are almost at the extreme poles of Europe, were dominated for centuries by big powers, have a similar agriculture and fishing background, and dealt with similar problems.] they are both very hospitable and friendly, and yet both fought courageously for their dignity and freedom.[On Easter Monday, several centuries ago, in 1282, Sicilian rebelled against the French of the Anjou dynasty in the famous "Sicilian Vespers," immortalized by Verdi's music, while on another Eater Monday in 1916, the renaissance of a new Ireland began that would eventually end British control. COINCIDENCE MUCH?] They both also excel in the literary field. They seem to share common traits such as warmth, openness, hospitality, when abroad- geniality, creativity, fierceness, and curiosity.

Philippines: The two share a strong common dominant faith,(Catholic faith) and they seem to be rather friendly with each other.[An interesting fact is the Philippines have been described as "a sort of Catholic Ireland located off the coastline of Asia."] They also share a strong cultural link.

Romania: They are pretty good friends, and share some common interests. Ireland is also to blame for his nickname 'Dracula'.[This is because the author of Dracula, was Bram Stoker, was Irish.]

Australia: Ireland seems to find him rather amusing, and comments on how 'interesting' his accent is. in a way they can appear rather similar as well actually.[Due to the fact that about 20% of Autralia's population has Irish ancestry.]

Gym Class Peers::
Albania: The two don't really interact much.[I seriously COULD NOT find any information about Ireland-Albania relations! ;^; ]

Belarus: They don't really interact all that much, but they seem to be on pretty alright terms, for some reason though, Belarus tries a lot to talk to Ireland and get closer with her.[This being a reference to how the Rebublic of Belarus attaches great importance to the development of interaction with Ireland, because Belarus is considering Ireland as a potentially important political partner.]

Denmark: They both have a very relaxed and friendly relationship, Ireland seems to find him interesting, she does however still hold a bit of a grudge against him[Because of the Viking raids, she feels the same about Norway too.] Denmark on the other hand, dosen't really think that much of her, aside the fact that she's a pretty alright friend.

Egypt: They have very good relationship[Shown through history] and can agree on things.[Both countries have the same views on the Middle East peace process, the policy of good neighbourliness, disarmament, and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.]

Serbia: Like with Albania, they don't really interact much, however Ireland sometimes supports Serbia's goals.[Example, Ireland supports Serbia joining the EU.]

Switzerland: They have a traditionally good relationship, they share some common interests[For example, human rights policy.] However, Switzerland sometimes may criticise how Ireland does some things.[Switzerland(and other neutral countries) don't exactly agree with Ireland's forms of neutrality.]

Turkey: They can be considered as friends, Turkey will usually give Ireland food sometimes[Based on how during a famine between 1845-1851, the Ottoman Sultan Sultan Abdülmecit provided 1.000 Pounds of financial aid to Ireland. Furthermore, the Ottoman Empire sent ships carrying grain and food to the island.] Ireland also, like with Serbia, supports Turkey's goals[The Irish Government expresses support to the accession of Turkey to the EU.]

Vietnam: They interact every now and then, they've both at least visted each other's homes[In 2008, Vietnam's prime minister visited Ireland, and Ireland's Tanaiste visited Vietnam.] Ireland is also glad to help Vietnam.[Since in 2011, Vietnam recieved OVER 12million euros in aid from Ireland.]

Thearter Peers::
Austria: They are on good terms with eachother, they both share an interest in art and music, however sometimes Ireland can be kinda cocky towards him without relising it.[Since Ireland has won Eurovision more times than any other participating country.]

Portugal: The two share a pretty strong friendship, and have a few things in common.[Examples- a Celtic past, belonging to the European Atlantic, and religion] They are quite friendly with each other, and they share interests in many things.

South Korea: The two are on good terms, and they frequently visit each others homes.[Ireland and South Korea have witnessed a number of high-level visits by ranking officials.] They share an interest in technology, and science, They'll usually trade equipment as well.[Bilateral trade between Korea and Ireland has been on a constant rise.]

Well, mt OTP with Ireland is FraIre, and I've sorta come to like DenIre, but you can see how I see my views of shipping with Ireland here ==>

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Also, please remember that she is a Class Dweller, which means she'd be too small to play most instruments, and also won't ever be doing anything like fishing - that would require going out of school, which she is not permitted to do. So think about what would actually be possible for a small human being that is stuck within high school grounds.

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