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"Ireland is where strange tales begin
and happy endings are possible."
-Charles Haughey

Personality ► Ireland hates bring bossed around and has a strong rebellious/defiant nature. She is pretty laid back and calm though, but she has a dangerously short temper and isn't afraid to start an argument about something. She hates to labeled as a ''drunk'' or being called ''soulless'' and dislikes negative stereotypes about her and her people, she usually will just ignore them though and act as if they don't bother her. Though she may seem all tough, she is actually quite soft as well. She is very caring and protective towards those she cares about, and is very loyal to her family. She is very close with her friends and family and likes getting together every now and again. Ireland also is shown to be quite competitive and doesn't give up easy and hates losing. She seems to be rather talkative and enjoys telling stories and jokes, though she may exaggerate her stories, they are quite imaginative and creative. She has a good sense of humour and loves making others laugh. She doesn't exactly like to talk about her past as a British colony, but she usually just tries not to think about it. A major flaw she has is her terrible organization skills, she has a hard time organizing messes and arranging dates/times/etc. She is very welcoming towards tourists and makes sure they enjoy their stay, she also finds it interesting what people think about her, she's also rather curious to know why people think her land is nothing but potatoes, alcohol, leprechauns, and green. She can be very stubborn and two-faced when she's provoked. She has a very strong sense of pride. She is also shown to be a bookworm, well educated, and enjoys art and music. She is also however, very superstitious.

Appearance ► She appears to be around 29-31 years of age. Her hair is a dark auburn orange almost brownish tone and her eyes are a grassy blue. She has slight bags under her eyes and freckled all over her body. He hair rather wavy/curly but gets very frizzy when wet, her hair is stretches a little below her shoulder blades. She also has a shamrock shaped ahoge.
She is usually seen wearing a red-ish orange Aran jumper, green t-shirt, simple jeans, brown boots, and black/grey fingerless wool-knitted gloves. She also has a total of three tattoos on her upper right arm, left shoulder, and back. Her body is also painted with multiple scars.


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Aisling Murphy


| IE | Republic of Ireland | Poblacht na hÉireann | Ireland | アイルランド | アイスリングリンチ |

☆ I N D E X ☆

Human Name ► Aisling Ní Murchú (Aisling Murphy)
Gender ► ♀
Height ► 5'5''
Weight ► 177 lbs.
Birthday ► April 18th
Human Age ► 29-31
Actual Age ► 3200
Hair Colour ► Dark auburn orange
Eye Colour ► Blue with some a tiny bit of greenish colour
Status ► fOREVER ALONE :iconmingcryplz:
Sexual Orientation ► Pansexual

Capital City ► Dublin
Official Language(s) ► Irish and English
Other non-official language(s) ► Polish,
Motto ► n/a
National Anthem ► Amhrán na bhFiann
Demonym ► Irish
Government ► Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
President ► Michael D. Higgins
Taoiseach ► Edna Kenny
Tánaiste ► Eamon Gilmore

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ooc; *sizzle*

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"Ireland that has wronged no man, that has injured no land, that has sought no dominion over others. Ireland is treated today among other nations of the world as if she was a convicted criminal. If it be treason to fight against such an unnatural fate as this, then I am proud to be a rebel and shall cling to my rebellion with the last drop of my blood."
-Roger Casement



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